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8 Flavored Yogurts

By Judy Haubert

Published on March 18, 2019

Noosa Lemon—Best Stand-in for Dessert: The sheer decadence of the sour cream–like yogurt layered with the lemon-curd purée feels like tricking your mouth into thinking you're eating lemon chiffon custard, but satisfyingly without excessive sweetness.

Ronnybrook Drinkable Banana—Most Likely to Be Today's Breakfast: Made with milk, bananas, sugar, and cultures, this yogurt smoothie is just like something you might whip up in your blender every morning.

Liberté Méditerrainée Vanilla—Most Vanilla Vanilla: Made with milk and cream, and packed full of real vanilla flavor, it's anything but plain.

Lifeway Organic Strawberry Kefir—Least Lactose; Best-Flavored Probiotic: Like drinking a strawberry lassi; bonus for healthifying your internal flora and fauna at the same time.

White Mustache Shallot—Best Savory Flavor: The slightly salty tang of the thick yogurt base and the soft crunch of shallots make this perfect for slathering on grilled meats or fish, dolloping on potatoes or roasted vegetables, and using as a dip for breads or crudités.

**Brown Cow Raspberry–Best Cream Top: **A thin seal of golden butterfat sits atop layers of plain whole-milk yogurt and raspberry purée. The first four ingredients showcase the straightforward simplicity of the brand: milk, honey, raspberries, and sugar.

Blue Hill Sweet Potato—Sunniest Disposition: Using only natural lactose and sweet potato sugars, the pure, earthy flavors of its ingredients shine through.

Old Chatham Sheep's Milk Blueberry—Best Alternative Milk Yogurt: Light and creamy, with a pleasant, slightly lanolin funk, this fruit-on-the-bottom sheep's-milk yogurt is fruit-forward, tart, and not overly sweet. Tarte Asian Green Tea & Honey—Most Flirtatious Flavor: Tart and tangy with a subtle sweetness from honey and a tannic matcha depth.

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