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1. The Winco fish spatula is perfect for maneuvering pan-seared fillets. Ultra-thin, tapered, and flexible, the stainless-steel head slides easily under delicate cuts, and the splayed slotted design helps keep fish in one piece and allows cooking oil to drip back into the pan.
Winco fish spatula, $6.45 at

2. Messermeister stainless fish pliers have a cross-hatched jaw that’s ideal for gripping and removing stubborn pin bones without damaging the surrounding flesh.
Messermeister stainless steel fish pliers, $24 at

3.Wüsthof’s 7″ flexible fillet knife is perfect for removing fillets from whole fish; the springy blade skips easily over the ribs, helping to guide your hand as you cut.
Wüsthof Classic Flexible Fillet Knife, $79.95 at

4. Winco’s fish scaler has serrated teeth that provide plenty of friction against smooth scales, quickly popping them from the skin.
Winco fish scaler, $1.55 at

5. Wüsthof’s flexible salmon slicing knife has a thin blade that slides between the skin and flesh of a fillet; its 12″ length makes skinning even large sides of salmon a manageable task.
Wusthof Salmon Slicing Knife, $129.95 at