9 Deep Fryers You Can Count On

If you’re a frequent fryer, these standalone machines are worth the counter space.

bySAVEUR Editors| PUBLISHED Mar 5, 2013 10:00 AM
9 Deep Fryers You Can Count On

Whether you're making French fries or onion rings to accompany a burger at home, or battering up fried chicken or donuts for a crowd, a convenient and contained way to do it is with a dedicated deep fryer. Inspired by their much larger restaurant counterparts, these at-home versions boast all kinds of handy features: large oil capacities, temperature-steadying heating units, and deep-handled fryer baskets to help you reach deep-fried nirvana. Many of them also have tight-fitting lids to prevent spattering and keep cleanup to a minimum. Like many kitchen gadgets, the choices can be overwhelming, so we've rounded up the best deep fryers for every kind of cook.

This petite dishwasher-safe fryer is uniquely equipped with a built-in oil filtration and storage system. After frying, the machine automatically removes impurities from the oil by straining it into a drawer until it's ready to be used again.
This inexpensive fryer is the most pared down of the bunch but makes up for its lack of bells and whistles with its dependability. It holds a steady temperature of 375 degrees and comes with a slotted spoon rather than a fry basket for easy donut retrieval. Caveat emptor--you'll need your own timer and thermometer.
About the size of a standard two-slot toaster, this fryer is perfect for tiny kitchens. It holds just one liter of oil but can still comfortably fry two three-inch donuts at a time, and the basket has a detachable handle, making it easy to store.
Since most of our donut recipes call for frying in two inches of oil, the low-slung design of the Secura fits our needs perfectly. The 11-by-10-inch interior provides a maximum amount of oil surface, and its shallow basket can comfortably fit up to five donuts at a time, more than any other model we tested.
This fryer is the one we turned to most often in our donut testing. Dependable and easy to assemble, the Waring embodies function and utility: A built-in spout makes it easy to pour out used oil, and the nonstick interior makes cleanup a cinch.
With thermometer controls ranging from 248 to 374 degrees, this fryer has a wider than average temperature span, making it ideal for an array of foods beyond donuts. It's the only model we tested with an outside drainage valve for no-mess oil removal, and its large digital display makes it easy to program fry settings.
Able to hold 4.5 quarts liters of oil, this is one of the highest volume fryers we tested. It comes with three sizes of frying baskets. Plus, its timer and thermostat controls are intuitive, the stainless-steel oil chamber has handles for easy removal, and a window on the lid gives a complete view of donuts as they fry.
With a narrow brushed-steel body, this deep fryer can hold 4 quarts of oil and up to 2.5 pounds of food. This deep fryer is among the most thoughtfully designed with its lid designed to catch oil splatter. It features a mesh filter that helps lessen odors while you are frying. Seven cooking presets and a timer are accessible on the LCD screen.
If you're not a gadget person, you can also go old-school and use a Dutch oven and a deep-fry thermometer. Our test kitchen recommends choosing a pot that's at least 4 inches deep.