Clam and Mussel Toasts

clam and mussel toasts

Clam and Mussel Toasts

Serve these toasts immediately so the fried bread remains crispy under all the delicious juices.Jenny Huang

This satisfying combination of crispy fried bread mounded with spoonfuls of saucy clams, mussels, and pancetta is a variation on a signature dish at Hart’s in Bed-Stuy. Chefs Nick Perkins and Katie Jackson say you can cook the onion and fennel mixture in advance, let it cool, and store it, then fire it back up and continue the remaining steps of the recipe when you’re ready to serve. Use a rimmed plate or shallow bowl to capture all the juices.

To purge clams, a step that removes any residual sand inside them, submerge them in cold water seasoned generously with salt and refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

What You Will Need