Top 20 Festival Favorites

Looking for your favorite fair foods to create at home? Here is SAVEUR Magazines top 20 festival recipes from deep-fried Oreos to funnel cakes to corn dogs, and more

So many fun things are fried at state fairs: Twinkies, candy bars, Oreo cookies. The Kitchn has a great recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to make them at home. We agree: freeze the candy bars and Twinkies first!
What could be better than gooey, delicious caramel-coated apples? Gooey, delicious caramel-coated apples with nuts, like these.
These golden corn dogs are gluten-free. The absence of wheat flour intensifies the corn batter's natural nutty sweetness.
Home baker Louise Piper won a 1997 blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair with this pie. The recipe appeared in Leah Eskin's "State Fair" (July/August 1998).
Fried Coca-Cola--flavored fritters go decidedly adult in this addictive recipe from Flavourgasmic; it tops the treats with a healthy dollop of rum whipped cream.
Skillet-seared sausage with fried peppers and onions is a simple, filling campfire meal. For extra heft, pile the sausages and vegetables into fire-toasted buns.
Here is The Kitchn's take on this summer festival favorite. Not as sweet as the fair staple, this recipe uses a lemony simple syrup to create a more refreshing and tangier version.
The blog Let Them Eat Cake offers us a perfect, no-utensils-needed summer treat in this step-by-step for frozen, chocolate-dipped Key lime pie on a stick.
The unique combination of salty, smoky, and sweet in this recipe from Yum Sugar is sure to delight your taste buds.
These delicate French cookies are sugar-dusted and flaky, with a toothsome bite.
Ice cream drumsticks remind us of state fairs and ice cream trucks. Now, thanks to Baking Bites, you can easily please your inner child and enjoy them anytime you like.
The secret to the satisfying mix of salty and sugary popped corn can be yours to make at home with this easy and informative recipe from Savory Sweet Life.
These lacy doughnut-like treats, which one makes by pouring batter through a funnel into hot oil, were once known as "plow lines" and were served as a snack to field-workers. It's believed that the old moniker may refer to the cake's squiggly lines, which were thought to resemble the reins of a horse-drawn plow.
Sweetened with agave nectar, this fruit slushee isn't overloaded with sugar, making it perfect for children.
Muffuletta Hot Dogs A mix of the briny, sharp flavors in muffulettas and the meaty yet creamy taste of hot dogs has inspired the guys at the Bitten Word. See this Recipe
The key to making this Mexican street-food and market-vendor snack is to char the corn on the grill and then brush it with mayonnaise so that the cheese, cilantro, and chile powder adhere to the kernels.
Italian Sub Sandwiches This sandwich, similar to an Italian grinder, is a favorite at the Iowa State Fair. See this Recipe
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches This recipe for Philly cheese steak sandwiches, from Life's Ambrosia, lets you enjoy all their messy goodness at home. See this Recipe
Sour Cream Nachos Here is a simple but tasty snack of melted cheese, beans, and tortilla chips. See this Recipe
Sweet Summer Caramel Corn The Amateur Gourmet has glorious success in finding the perfect caramel corn recipe. See this Recipe

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