Glorious Glazes

Some might say it's the glaze that makes the donut. From classic dark chocolate to unusual flavors like matcha green tea and amaretto cherry, these 13 glazes will dress up your treats.

Marshmallow Glaze

Mini marshmallows are melted into this simple vanilla glaze for an inspired twist on a classic.Todd Coleman

Irish Cream Glaze

A riff on plain chocolate, this milk chocolatey glaze is livened up with a hint of liqueur.Todd Coleman

Amaretto Cherry Glaze

Distinctively flavored and vibrantly pink thanks to maraschino cherry juice, this icing gives plain yeasted donuts a bright pop of color.Todd Coleman

Hazelnut Glaze

Nutella is enhanced with a little hazelnut liqueur in this shiny, rich icing.Todd Coleman

Cream Cheese Glaze

The tang of cream cheese is an ideal foil for all sorts of donuts.Todd Coleman

Orange Glaze

Fresh juice, zest, and a tablespoon of orange liqueur add citrusy zing to this glaze.Todd Coleman

Dark Chocolate Ganache Glaze

Thick ganache made with dark chocolate and cream makes for a donut topping that's both classic and classy.Todd Coleman

Mocha Glaze

Coffee and donuts are a natural pair—this rich chocolate icing incorporates instant espresso powder.Todd Coleman

White Chocolate-Cardamom Glaze

A hint of warm cardamom and vanilla add depth to sweet white chocolate.Todd Coleman

Dulce de Leche Glaze

Donuts dipped in this caramel made with sweetened condensed milk and a little cinnamon are an especially decadent treat.Todd Coleman

Limoncello Glaze

Lemon juice and lemon liqueur combine for an icing that's the perfect sweet-tart combination.Todd Coleman

Maple Glaze

Maple syrup adds its beautiful amber color and warm flavor to a basic, creamy icing.Todd Coleman

Matcha Green Tea Glaze

An intense glaze both in flavor and color, matcha green tea enlivens plain cake or yeasted donuts.Todd Coleman