5 Bourbon Cocktails

Bourbon Bramble

In this dark, easy-drinking cocktail, bourbon, creme de cassis, and elderflower liqueur come together in a beautiful marriage of flavors.

Boulevardier Cocktail
Boulevardier Cocktail

In this negroni variation, gin is swapped out for bourbon. Get the recipe for Boulevardier Cocktail »

Billionaire Cocktail
Billionaire Cocktail

Developed by Dushan Zaric of NYC watering hole Employees Only and featuring absinthe, high-proof bourbon, and house-made pomegranate grenadine, the Billionaire is as rich as its name suggests. Get the recipe for Billionaire Cocktail »

Vialiere Cocktail

Vermouth maker Karl Weichold created this riff on the classic Boulevardier with his own Interrobang vermouth, a sweet style suffused with bitter orange and baking spices. He substitutes the artichoke-based amaro Cynar for Campari, creating a heady, bone-warming cocktail that’s great to sip in fall and winter.

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