Penny De Los Santos

Banana nut pancakes, Belgian waffles, egg dishes, coffee cakes and more. Wake up with 15 mouth-watering breakfast recipes from SAVEUR magazine.


Breakfast Bread

Bread is a staple of the Irish table; to do the recipe justice, use high-quality flour and top it with dense Irish butter. See the recipe for Breakfast Bread »

Banana Nut Pancakes

In this recipe the bananas are mashed and then put into the batter to distribute their flavor.

Belgian Waffles

Maurice Vermesch baked these waffles (properly called Brussels waffles and, in Belgium, topped with just confectioners’ sugar) at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, but only after he sold them at the 1964-65 New York fair did they soar in popularity in this country. Vermersch’s daughter Mariepaule wouldn’t divulge her family’s recipe, but we think we’ve come very close. One tip she did reveal: Aunt Jemima self-rising flour produces a flavor that is the most like that of the original waffle.

Sour Cream Date Coffee Cake

This scrumptious coffee cake is made with medjool dates, which are prized for their rich caramel flavor. See the recipe for Sour Cream Date Coffee Cake »

Black Raspberry Coffee Cake

This recipe originally called for red raspberries and came from a Cuisinart magazine published in 1979.

Cornflake-Crusted Brioche French Toast

Brioche slices get dipped in crushed cornflakes before frying in a deliciously crunchy version of french toast. See the recipe for Cornflake-Crusted Brioche French Toast »
The addition of seltzer water and yogurt to the batter lends these pancakes a light texture, a mild tang, and a smooth consistency.

Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls

Cream cheese is the secret ingredient that enhances the richness and moistness of these rolls. **See the recipe for Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls »**

Potatoes O’Brien

This recipe gives color and kick to a skillet of fried potatoes. See the Recipe for Potatoes O’Brien »

Home Fries

Boiling the potatoes ahead of time and letting them cool completely allows them to cook faster and brown better. See the Recipe for Home Fries »

Scrambled Eggs with Truffles

An easy way to perfume your eggs with the earthy and decadent scent of black truffles. See this Recipe

Eggs Benedict

Here is our adaptation of chef John Doherty’s modern-day recipe from what is now the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. **See the recipe for Eggs Benedict »**

Artichokes with Scrambled Eggs

In Syria, this simple breakfast dish is usually served as a homey scramble. See this Recipe

Mushroom Omelette

This dish is not only appealing to the eye, it’s delicious to the taste buds. See this Recipe

Gashouse Eggs

More common names for this easy breakfast recipe are eggs in a pocket, one-eyed jack, and baby in the hole. If you prefer your egg over easy rather than sunny side up, crack it into the hole in the bread right after you put the bread into the skillet.