Puerto Rican Rice with Pigeon Peas (Arroz con Gandules)

This satisfying rice dish is great served alongside roast pork or pasteles.

Bacalaítos Fritos con Bacalao Guisado (Salt Cod Fritters)

Salt cod does double duty in this fritter topped with piquant cod salsa.

Pickled Bananas (Guineos en Escabechea)

Unripe, green bananas pickled in a garlicky brine make a refreshing condiment alongside the roast pork shoulder.
Mashed with bacon and garlic, this plantain dish is served with a quick tomato sauce.


These flavorful tamales are sold from street stands during the holidays in Puerto Rico. See the recipe for Pasteles » Back to Puerto Rican Christmas »
These fried pies are stuffed with classic picadillo. See the recipe for Piononos » Back to Puerto Rican Christmas »

Chicken and Root Vegetable Soup (Sancocho)

This Puerto Rican chicken soup is hearty with starchy vegetables.


This multipurpose seasoning base forms the foundation of numerous Puerto Rican dishes.

Tostones con Camarones Guisados (Plantain Fritters with Stewed Shrimp)

In this recipe, simple fried plantains are topped with a bright shrimp and tomato sauce. Get the recipe for Tostones con Camarones Guisados »