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Our Favorite Salts

Delicately flaky, fruity-tasting MURRAY RIVER SALT, from the Murray Darling Basin in New South Wales, Australia, boasts a beautiful peach color produced by minerals in the water from which the salt is harvested. Its crunchy grains dissolve quickly, so it's ideal for using atop a leafy salad.
LE PALUDIER FLEUR DE SEL DE GUERANDE-pristine salt crystals harvested from marshes along the southern coast of Brittany, in western France-is one of the world's most sought-after salts. It delivers a burst of flavor and crunch when sprinkled on a finished dish, be that a pork chop or a simple omelette.
This coarse gray sea salt, called GRIGIO DI CERVIA, is from Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, and its color derives from trace amounts of clay found in the salt beds there. High in moisture, this salt makes a wonderful, crackly crust on roasts and steaks.
Little known outside Japan, HAKATA ROASTED SEA SALT is a fine-grained marvel with a lingering, almost meaty flavor. Prized by Japanese cooks for its purity, the salt is excellent for sprinkling atop raw and grilled fish and for adding deep notes to ramen soups.
Of all the kosher salts to be had, DIAMOND CRYSTAL is our favorite. The crystals are of a unique, pyramidal shape that makes them dissolve quickly on both hot and cold foods. This is our favorite everyday salt for cooking.

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