Rum Cocktails

Rum is sunshine distilled. Read more about the history of rum cocktails in Jeff Berry’s Aug/Sept 2011 story Endless Summer.


This alternative to rum and Coke uses lighter, brighter grapefruit soda, which lets the bold character of a pot-distilled English-style rum shine through.

Petit Punch Vieux

Benjamin Jones of Clement rum distillery in Martinique shared his recipe for this cool, bracing cocktail, his country’s national drink.

Chairman’s Refresher

This cocktail, from Jim Meehan of PDT bar in New York City, uses Frangelico to accentuate the nuttiness of fresh coconut water. See the recipe for Chairman’s Refresher »

Eureka Punch

Martin Cate of Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco combines Chartreuse and ginger ale in this refreshing tropical drink.

Mai Tai

“Trader Vic” Bergeron came up with this floral drink to showcase a 17-year-old gold Jamaican rum. Once all his bottles were gone, he re-created the drink’s complex flavor by layering two very different rums in the same drink.

The Naked Ape

Pot-still Jamaican rum is redolent of ripe banana, so it’s a natural combination with banana liqueur. Cinnamon syrup gives the drink a spicy depth.

The Zombie cocktail

Donn Beach, the founding father of tiki bars and restaurants, set a limit of two per customer for this potent drink made with three kinds of rum, citrus, and spice. Get the recipe for The Zombie cocktail »