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Birds and Bees. Laura Sant

There’s nothing we like better than a cuppa—except, perhaps, a tea-based cocktail. From a chai-spiced bourbon toddy to chilled orange pekoe spiked with rum, apricot liqueur, and lemon, we’ve compiled 8 delightful drinks made with tea.


Rye-Spiked Cinnamon Tea (Su Jung Kwa)

Su jung kwa is a traditional Korean tea made from cinnamon, ginger, spices, sweet dried dates, and pine nuts that’s commonly served as an after-dinner drink or dessert. Rye whiskey gives the drink an untraditional kick.

Hot Chai Toddy

Adding spiced black chai to a traditional hot toddy creates a warming, deeply-spiced, pleasantly tannic drink. See the recipe for Hot Chai Toddy »

Rock & Rye & Rum Punch

This throat-warming punch is a sophisticated take on the old-timey cold-season cure of tea dosed with Rock and Rye cordial. See the recipe for Rock & Rye & Rum Punch »

Apricot Blossom

This surprisingly balanced cocktail offers up layers of fruit, spice, and sweetness, with a hint of vanilla from the rum. See the recipe for Apricot Blossom »

Back Porch Tea

Fresh-brewed iced tea gets a boost from gin and fresh fruit in this not-too-sweet cocktail, a drink tailor-made for the very hottest days of summer. See the recipe for Back Porch Tea »

Regent’s Punch

This tea-infused champagne punch makes an elegant centerpiece for any festive occasion. Get the recipe for Regent’s Punch »


Canelazo Ecuadorian Tea Cocktail

Birds and Bees

Birds and Bees