Our Favorite Oklahoma Recipes

Oklahoma’s culinary charms include savory spoon-puddings, innovative cocktails, and pies that’ll knock your socks off. These recipes first appeared with our special feature on Oklahoma from our August/September 2013 Heartland issue.
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Egg-Topped Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Croque Tartine Parisienne)

A fried egg crowns a decadent sandwich of ham enrobed in bechamel and melted cheese from Oklahoma City’s Ludivine restaurant.

Sausage-Camembert Spoon Pudding

Italian sausage and creamy Camembert cheese transform simple cornmeal spoon pudding into a rich side dish. See the recipe for Sausage-Camembert Spoon Pudding »

Smoked Tomato Soup

Smoked Tomato Soup

Cowboy Caviar (Black-Eyed Pea and Hominy Salad)

A lime juice and spicy Sriracha marinade gives this summer side dish a zesty kick. See the recipe for Cowboy Caviar »

Infamous Wisdom

Bright citrus juice and citrus bitters, apple brandy, cherry-flavored liqueur, and bittersweet amaro add layers of complexity to this whiskey drink. Get the recipe for Infamous Wisdom

Apple-Rosemary Lattice Pie

A rosemary-laced cornmeal crust adds a fragrant, savory dimension to classic apple pie. Get the recipe for Apple-Rosemary Lattice Pie »

Caramel-Apple Pie

A cinnamon-spiced sauce of butter and melted caramel candies poured over apples makes a wonderfully sweet, gooey pie filling.

Plum Pie

Grape jelly intensifies the flavor of ripe plums in a sweet-tart summer pie.

Razzleberry Pie

Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries are brightened with lemon juice and zest to make the filling for this juicy pie. Get the recipe for Razzleberry Pie »

Blue Ribbon Pecan Pie

The toffee-like interior and beautiful bronze top layer of halved pecans won Rubyane Surritte first place in the pie contest at Oklahoma’s Drummond Ranch. Get the recipe for Blue Ribbon Pecan Pie »

Nelson Pear Pie

A pie filled with fresh pears, drizzled with cream, and sprinkled with sugar and flour makes an incredibly simple, elegant dessert. Get the recipe for Nelson Pear Pie »

Boysenberry Pie

Blackberries or raspberries can be substituted for boysenberries in the filling for this jammy pie. Get the recipe for Boysenberry Pie »

Buttery Pie Dough

This butter-rich, flaky crust is easy to make and works well as the foundation for pies with fruit, custard, or mousse fillings.