12 Dishes We’re Cooking in March

Spring’s on the horizon, but we’re not out of stew season quite yet

byKatherine Whittaker| PUBLISHED Mar 1, 2017 6:00 PM
12 Dishes We’re Cooking in March
Neal Santos

March recipes can be tricky—we're transitioning out of winter, but it's not quite spring yet. The good news is there are a wide range of recipes that can cover this confusing time! Last year, we went crazy for spring-appropriate pasta recipes. This year, we've got noodle soups, dumplings, and more to keep your bellies padded all month long. And for dessert, we're glad the warm weather is here so we can finally dip into our collection of best ice cream recipes. From Turkish poached eggs to Korean soybean stew, here are the dishes we're cooking this March.