Around the World in Our Best Dumpling Recipes

How to make everyone’s favorite food—from Italy to China and everywhere in between

bySAVEUR Editors| PUBLISHED Mar 16, 2017 1:11 AM
Around the World in Our Best Dumpling Recipes
Matt Taylor-Gross

Though they come in all shapes and sizes, dumplings are a near-universal culinary constant: almost every culture has one. So naturally, dumpling recipes are incredibly versatile, coming with a wide array of fillings, wrappers, shapes, and sizes. Chinese dumplings may be the best known: we're a fan of both the steamed dumpling recipes as well as the fried. But there are plenty more to explore, whether it's the empanadas of Argentina or even Italy's ravioli (we're using a loose definition here, folks). From Europe to Asia and beyond, we've rounded up our favorite dumpling recipes from all over the world.