Whether you prefer gin or vodka with a splash of vermouth, shaken or stirred, a chilled martini is a timeless classic. We’ve selected a few of our favorites—offering a spin on the traditional, these recipes feature everything from fresh fruit juice to savory Indian spices.


Fifty-Fifty or the Perfect Martini

Inspired by the original Fitty Fitty at the Pegu Club, this vodka martini is an even split of vodka and vermouth, with a little orange bitters added for depth.

Cucumber Martini

This crisp, almost spa-like take on the martini has a hint of sweetness and a fresh, green aroma.

Jerez Martini

This off-dry cocktail skews savory, thanks to the sherry.

Basil Martini

Basil-infused vodka gives this simple cocktail a light, crisp edge.

Viking Martini

Bottled in the same spot in Iceland, brisk, dry Martin Miller’s Gin and tannic, spruce-flavored Björk liqueur make a great duo, particularly matched with bitters and an herbaceous Alpine amaro in this layered drink meant to evoke northern climes.

Espresso Martini

Vodka, coffee, coffee liqueur, and cream are mixed with vanilla liqueur in this cocktail, which sits somewhere between a classic espresso martini and a White Russian.

St. Dill Martini

With mustard seeds, dill sprigs, and a snappy kosher dill set in vodka, the St. Dill is a twist on the classic dirty martini.

Carrots 43 Martini

Lively and floral, this cocktail uses all fresh ingredients so it feels like you’re getting your vitamins in while enjoying a nice drink. Get the recipe for Carrots 43 Martini »


This bracing vodka drink gets its resinous, pungent aroma from a good dose of curry leaves, which are both muddled in the drink and floated on top as a garnish.

Celery Martini

Fresh celery and lemon juices, Lillet, celery bitters, and gin combine for a clean and vegetal cocktail with a bright green hue.

Masala Martini

Cumin and salt add pungent flavor to this twist on a gin gimlet from chef Manish Mehrotra of New Delhi restaurant Indian Accent, located in The Manor boutique hotel in New Delhi’s tony Friends Colony neighborhood.

Bloody Martini

Puréed tomatoes, pepper-flavored vodka, and a pimento-stuffed green olive make the perfect hybrid of two bar staples, the Bloody Mary and classic martini. Get the recipe for Bloody Martini »
Tangy, crisp Manzanilla sherry makes for a wholly new take on the dry Martini.

Original Dry Martini

A London dry gin can stand up to a lot more vermouth than you might suspect. The original 1910s-era formula for this iconic drink demonstrates that fact elegantly.

Hibiscus Rose Vesper

To kick its flavor up a notch, this rosy pink cocktail calls for craft-distilled, Plantation vodka. Get the recipe for Hibiscus Rose Vesper »