Go Make This Lasagna That Won’t Put You to Sleep

A lighter egg-enhanced style from Abruzzo is more like a soufflé than a brick made of carbs and cheese

By Daryn Wright

Published on October 19, 2016

If you aim for Rome but shoot an hour and a half northeast too far, you’ll hit the Abruzzo region. Call it a happy accident. Sparsely-populated and little-frequented by tourists, Abruzzo is like a postcard of Italy, dotted with mountains and bounded by coastline. Besides being known culinarily for seafood specialities and robust meals fit for mountain living, it’s also responsible for the magic that is this Veal and Spinach Lasagna.

Is there anything quite as comforting as lasagna? It’s like a well-worn blanket, except made out of pasta. This Abruzzo-style version is elevated, quite literally, with the use of egg, which lends it an ethereal, souflé-like appearance. Start out by making the filling, a medley of ground veal and onion, warmed up with a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg. It’s in the sauce where the magic happens, as the tomatoes are simmered down and blended with milk and eggs. Layer sheets of pasta in a prepared dish, and alternate between filling, sauce, and cheese. The result is lighter than the heavy, red-sauced lasagnas most often served in America, but still offers all the necessary comforts.

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Veal and Spinach Lasagna

Unlike the heavy red-sauced lasagnas served in America, this Abruzzo-style version relies on an ethereal egg and tomato sauce that puffs when the lasagna is cooked, giving it a soufflé-like appearance.

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