Chartreuse Cocktail Recipes

We’ve collected our favorite Chartreuse cocktail recipes for you to enjoy

Chartreuse is a romantic liqueur. Made by Carthusian monks in the mountains of southeastern France for more than 200 years, the bright green herbal spirit has long been thought to have medicinal qualities. Whether or not Chartreuse really has restorative properties, it's absolutely delicious. Here are 15 Chartreuse cocktails that highlight the liqueur's complex herbal flavor.

If you've never tried the spirit, our Chartreuse smash is a good place to start. This refreshing cocktail made with mint leaves and lemon juice is drinkable enough to convert the most ardent Chartreuse opponents.

For the whiskey lover, our Carthusian sazerac is a winner. The classic New Orleans drink gets a little boost from the French liqueur.

Want something spicy? Infuse Chartreuse with Thai chilies to use with white whiskey, pear syrup, and ginger liqueur in our Eros Elixer.

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