Paella with Rabbit and Snails (Paella Valenciana)
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Americans are more likely to view rabbits as pets than as food. That’s a shame, because rabbit is easy to cook, delicately gamy, and an unexpectedly versatile meat that’s perfect for braises and stews.

Because it’s small, rabbit is an easy animal to butcher at home. Breaking down your own rabbit is also cheaper than paying your butcher to do it.

Once you’ve mastered deboning a rabbit, you can use the pieces in a nose-to-tail stuffed rabbit. For that elegant dish, rabbit meat is made into a mousse, rolled with speck and cabbage, and stuffed into a whole rabbit.

For another striking presentation, try our rabbit and crawfish stargazy pie. This savory pie is filled with a creamy sauce of rabbit crawfish, and cider. The pie is finished with who crawfish popping out of the crust.

Rabbit take well to slow cooking, as in our rabbit ragù and braised rabbit with mushroom and celery root. Or make our rabbit and onion stew, a Cretan specialty studded with pearl onions and sweetened with prunes.

Find these recipes and more in our collection of our favorite rabbit recipes.


Paella with Rabbit and Snails (Paella Valenciana)

Get the recipe for Authentic Valencian Paella »

Rabbit and Onion Stew (Kouneli Stifado)

Sweetened with prunes and studded with pearl onions, this country-style rabbit stew is a home-cooked specialty on Crete.

Stuffed Rabbit with Cabbage

To make this nose-to-tail dish, a whole boned-out rabbit is stuffed with the meat from the legs, wrapped in cabbage leaves and speck (smoked prosciutto), and roasted, while the bones are used to make a jus. Get the recipe for Stuffed Rabbit with Cabbage »

Rabbit Ragù with Garganelli

This flavorful ragù is served with fresh tarragon-flavored garganelli at Frankies Spuntino restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, but is delicious with any kind of pasta.

Rabbit and Crawfish Stargazy Pie

In this whimsically constructed pie, rabbit and sweet crawfish form a thick, creamy, cider-rich sauce under a biscuitlike beef suet crust.

Braised Rabbit with Mushrooms and Celery Root

Wild rabbit, a favorite among hunters in Kansas, is braised in beer and chicken stock to make this autumnal dish.

Rabbit in Mustard Sauce

To make this rustic roasted rabbit dish, the meat is marinated in a mixture of crème fraîche, mustard, and herbs.