Corsican-Style Cheesecake

by0| PUBLISHED Oct 23, 2000 4:00 AM
Corsican-Style Cheesecake
Saveur. Saveur

Substitute ricotta for brocciu, which is almost impossible to find here.

Yield: serves 8


  • 4 <sup>1</sup>⁄<sub>2</sub> cups ricotta
  • 8 eggs
  • 2 <sup>1</sup>⁄<sub>2</sub> cups sugar
  • Zest of 2 large lemons


  • Strain ricotta through cheesecloth or in a fine-mesh sieve for 1 hour. Preheat oven to 350°. Butter an 8'' square baking pan. Line bottom of pan with buttered parchment paper and set aside. Whisk together eggs, sugar, strained ricotta, and lemon zest in a medium bowl. Pour into prepared pan. Bake until dark brown on top and a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean, about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Allow to cool 20 minutes; run a knife around sides of pan, turn out on large plate, peel off paper, then turn cake face up.