Mincemeat Filling

Anna Stockwell

Made from chopped dried fruits, nuts, spices, and usually a distilled spirit, this mincemeat recipe is a versatile fruit filling for a wide range of holiday baked goods. Think panettone, stollen, babka, Christmas steamed pudding, fruitcake, fruit scones, and mince pies. Like a good wine, this dense mix only improves with age and ideally should be made a minimum of 2 weeks to 2 months before use. The dried fruits and nuts get a chance to steep and soften, and the flavors deepen and meld into a delicious, aromatic filling. You can use brandy, whiskey, rum, or even port wine as the spirit. The alcohol acts as a preservative and the fruit filling can be stored tightly covered in a cool corner of the kitchen. After the curing period, it will keep for at least a month in the refrigerator.

Note: The reserved citrus syrup can be used as a glaze for your baked goods. It can be stored refrigerated for up to a month.