For a turkey with skin that's crisp and flavorful, keep a small saucepan of melted butter, whole peppercorns, sherry vinegar, and dried sage and thyme on the stove, and use a basting brush to slather the infused butter all over the turkey as it roasts, every 30 minutes or so. See How to Roast the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey ». Todd Coleman

In The Perfect Bird, author Molly Stevens lays out her foolproof method for roasting a turkey. But in the saveur kitchen, we’re rarely willing to just sit back and savor success. Stevens’s beautiful bird sparked lively debates, with staffers putting forward their own techniques for getting the juiciest meat or the crispiest skin. In fact, every Thanksgiving recipe we tested for this issue either called forth another tried-and-true tip or gave rise to a new one. Here are a few we all agreed are worth adding to your Thanksgiving repertoire.

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