It’s no surprise lamb is found in cuisines over the world: its rich flavor pair pairs well with a variety of spices, sauces, and cookign styles, making it perfectly at home in kitchens from Greece to Indian and beyond.

Honeyed Roast Lamb with Spinach and Pine Nuts
Honeyed Roast Lamb with Spinach and Pine Nuts This roast lamb recipe hails from popular establishment Enrique Becerra in Seville, where the lamb is sliced to order and then heated up in a skillet, with an aromatic and indulgent sauce composed of wine and honey. See the recipe for Honeyed Roast Lamb with Spinach and Pine Nuts » Javier Salas
Middle Eastern kibbeh is a finely ground paste of bulgur, onions, and lamb or beef, which is formed into patties or balls, filled with coarsely ground, sweetly spiced meat, onions, and pine nuts, and deep-fried. Get the recipe for Kibbeh (Beef and Bulgur Wheat Meatballs) » Todd Coleman
See the Recipe Christopher Hirsheimer
Belonging to the family of slow, steam-cooked moghul dishes called dum pukht, this lamb is coated in a spice paste made with saffron, coconut, almonds, and yogurt. This pot roast is typically prepared in a South Asian clay pot called a handi. Landon Nordeman
Seven-Hour Leg of Lamb
Slow-cooking a leg of lamb in wine with garlic and herbs transforms the meat into an ultra-tender entrée that goes marvelously with stewed white beans. Landon Nordeman
Beet Stew with Lamb Meatballs
For this traditional Iraqi-Jewish dish, ground-lamb meatballs are braised in a vibrant beet stew. Andrè Baranowski
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North African–style lamb sausages are served on a platter with a cool yogurt sauce, chopped vegetables, and flat bread. See the recipe for Spiced Lamb Sausages » André Baranowski
Pakistani Lamb Biryani
A variety of spices flavor this traditional Pakistani rice dish. Todd Coleman
Flatbread with Lamb and Tomatoes (Lahmacun)
Bake these Turkish spiced lamb and tomato flatbreads on a heated pizza stone in the oven so that the crust and topping cook evenly. Todd Coleman
Roasted Lamb Shoulder and Vegetables (Saneeyeh Bil Fern)
This dish calls for slow-roasting lamb over okra, green beans, and eggplant until the lamb is tender and the vegetables have absorbed some of its juices. Todd Coleman
Easter Lamb Pie
These moist lamb pies are popular in Sicily during Easter celebrations. Zoe Schaeffer
Lamb shoulder is the ideal cut for this Pueblan-style barbecue. We love this version, which is adapted from Steven Raichlen’s The Barbecue Bible (Workman, 1998), and is served with a refreshing tomatillo salsa. See the recipe for Barbacoa (Chile-Rubbed Smoked Lamb) » Penny de los Santos
Lamb and Bulgur Wheat Croquettes (Kibbeh)
These spiced croquettes are a classic Middle Eastern snack. Todd Coleman
Lamb and Onion Curry (Gosht Dopiaza)
Tender lamb meets sweet, caramelized cipolline onions in this perfumed curry infused with cardamom, fennel, and cumin. Get the recipe » Todd Coleman
Lamb Meatball and Egg Tagine
Cumin- and paprika-spiced kefta (lamb meatballs), baked eggs, and kalamata olives are the hallmarks of this elegant tagine from the Moroccan restaurant Le Timgad in Paris. Get the recipe for Kefta Tagine (Lamb Meatball and Egg Tagine) » Landon Nordeman
Ground Lamb, Bulgur, and Pistachio Kebabs (Simit Kebap)
A thick pistachio puree is folded into a mix of ground lamb and bulgur in these garlicky kebabs. Todd Coleman
Grilled Lamb Burgers with Red Onion Aioli
Grilled red onion aïoli, smashed avocado, and sunny-side-up eggs top these rich cumin-spiced lamb burgers. Mark Roper
Russian Lamb Kebabs with Tomato-Prune Sauce (Shashlik)
Robust lamb and onion kebabs steeped in a tenderizing seltzer and vinegar marinade are paired with a sauce of tomatoes, prunes, and herbs in this traditional Russian dish. Todd Coleman
Albanian Baked Lamb and Rice with Yogurt (Tave Kosi)
Garlicky lamb and rice baked under a thick, tart veil of yogurt is a dish beloved throughout Albania. Ingalls Photography
Upside-Down Rice with Cauliflower, Eggplant, and Lamb (Maqloubeh)
The name of this dish, Arabic for “upside down,” aptly describes the layered one-pot meal of spiced lamb, rice, and vegetables that is inverted before serving. Ariana Lindquist