If the smell of freshly baked bread isn’t enough to inspire you to start baking loaves at home, then these high-end breadmakers will be. We’ve tested out a handful of the best machines on the market, and narrowed it down to three that produce delicious bread—some of them can even make pasta dough and jam, too.

With these machines, you’ll find features like 1- and 2-pound loaf capability, convenient delay settings, easy cleanup processes, and plenty of bread recipes to help get you started.

This space-saving model can handle cakes, too. Zojirushi

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There’s nothing better than setting up a program on your breadmaker, popping in the necessary ingredients, and letting it work its magic. This model’s selling point is its compact size (it barely takes up more counter space than a toaster) and its ability to crank out fresh 1-pound bread loaves and cakes. But it doesn&8217;t_stop_there—you_can_also_make_jam,_cookie_dough,_and_pasta_dough_using_the_specialized_settings__Pro_tip:_try_making_a_loaf_of_fresh brioche.

With this machine, you’ll have a finished product in just under two and a half hours. Zojirushi

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The Zojirushi Virtuoso can produce a delicious 2-pound loaf in two hours and 25 minutes when using the rapid course setting. But what sets this machine apart from the rest is its ability to create a whole range of healthy breads using different course settings (vegan, gluten-free, multigrain, and whole wheat, to name a few). Users will find both double kneading blades and dual heaters, features that yield optimum baking results—and the large LCD display is pretty great, too.

This one is ideal for beginners. KBS

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For anyone flirting with the idea of baking bread at home, the KBS Automatic Bread Machine is a wonderful tool for beginners. With 19 programs, three loaf sizes, and three crust shades, making a loaf at home is as easy as adding the necessary ingredients and pressing a few buttons—the machine does the rest.