Our 9 Best Cocktails Served In A Mug

Because festive mugs aren't just for coffee and hot cocoa

Moscow mules are served in copper mugs for temperature, flavor and for iconic appeal, but mules aren’t the only tasty drinks served in these festive glasses. Although people generally consider mugs to be reserved for coffee or hot cocoa, they make great vehicles for your cocktails, too. Serve eggnog in a mug during the holiday season, or try a hot toddy to keep you warm during the chilly months. Whether you’re searching for a boozy hot chocolate, or a traditional Moscow mule, our best cocktails served in a mug will spice up your mixed drinks lineup.

After the Snow Cocktail

With a base of pisco, a Chilean spirit distilled from the country’s native grapes, the After the Snow, a fresh sour cocktail, can be found at the Awasi Lodge in Patagonia. Laced with celery and grapes, which are muddled and hidden under a drift of crushed ice, the drink has a brisk, vegetal note as fresh and delicate as spring’s arrival. Get the recipe for After the Snow Cocktail »

Tom and Jerry Cocktail

In this riff on the hot eggnog-like classic, Rachael Thompson of Chicago’s Violet Hour perks up the traditional rich base of egg batter and cognac with two New Orleans favorites: the anise-y liqueur Herbsaint and a coffee-chicory syrup, a nod to the coffee at Café du Monde. Get the recipe for Tom and Jerry Cocktail »

Swedish Mule

In this Moscow Mule variation, vodka is infused with lemongrass and grapefruit to make aquavit. Get the recipe for Swedish Mule »

Moscow Mule

This vodka-and–ginger beer libation is traditionally served in a copper mug. Get the recipe for Moscow Mule »

Calvados Hot Toddy

This variation on a toddy combines calvados, a French apple brandy, with hot cider for a drink that’s autumn in a glass. Get the recipe for Calvados Hot Toddy »

Ultimate Eggnog

Chef Mary Sue Milliken showed us how to craft this decadent eggnog, which incorporates whipped cream, egg whites, and spices into a pudding-like zabaglione base. It first appeared in our December 2013 issue along with Karen Shimizu’s article A Nog Like No Other. Get the recipe for Ultimate Eggnog »


Indian thandai, literally translated as ‘something that cools’, is a sweet, creamy milk drink flavored with nuts and mixed with spices such as cardamom, fennel, rose petals, and poppy seeds. On Holi, the Indian festival of colors, the refreshment is traditionally served with the addition of bhaang (a derivative of marijuana). Here we’ve substituted gin instead, which accentuates the nutty, warmly-spiced, floral flavors in thandai perfectly.

Venezuelan Chocolate-Rum Drink

For when you can’t decide between a boozy nightcap or a creamy hot chocolate. Get the recipe for Venezuelan Chocolate-Rum Drink »

Nutella Hot Chocolate with Hazelnut Liqueur

Nutella stirred into hot chocolate lends a luxurious texture and great, chocolate-hazelnut flavor. For an extra dose of hazelnut, add a splash of Frangelico. Get the recipe for Nutella Hot Chocolate with Hazelnut Liqueur »