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18 Rhubarb Recipes To Love Beyond Rhubarb Pie

We all know classic rhubarb pie, but the spring darling can also be used in jams, mousses, and so much more

Rhubarb is the intensely tart spring vegetable that the food world can't get enough of. Like ramps, the arrival of rhubarb is a heavily anticipated and exciting marker of the season. Although the leaves should not be eaten, the stalks have a unique flavor that makes for one of the best pie recipes. But true rhubarb fans know that rhubarb is so much more versatile than just a pie filling. Here are our favorite rhubarb recipes,from airy rhubarb mousse to sweet rhubarb-strawberry jam and wine-poached rhubarb and poppy seed crisp.

Rhubarb Jam

For an easy, splatter-free jam, make it in the oven. This version adds floral flavors to sweet-tart rhubarb with vanilla bean and rosewater (we recommend Carlo for its fresh flavor). If you don’t care for rosewater, omit it; the vanilla will still bring plenty of fragrance. Get the recipe for Rhubarb Jam »

Matt Taylor-Gross


Sour cream and lemon zest support tart rhubarb in these muffins while vanilla seeds and brown sugar mellow its edge. A crunchy almond streusel plays off the crisp stalks and adds a nutty contrast. Get the recipe for Rhubarb Muffins »

Matt Taylor-Gross

Celery and Rhubarb Vacherin

This pastel-hued dessert, from Kristen Murray of Portland, Oregon's Måurice, consists of a simple sponge cake layered with stewed rhubarb, celery semifreddo and sorbet, and crisp meringues, all surrounded by sugary rhubarb soup. Get the recipe for Celery and Rhubarb Vacherin »

Joseph de Leo

Strawberry Rhubarb Hand-Pies

In these portable fruit pies, Rice wine vinegar makes the flavors really pop. Get the recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Hand Pies »

Christina Holmes

Rhubarb Tarte Tatin

In the style of a tarte Tatin, rhubarb is caramelized until soft before being topped with batter and baked. Get the recipe for Rhubarb Tarte Tatin »

Todd Coleman

Strawberry Rhubarb Pate

One of the best ways to preserve fresh rhubarb? Turn it into candy. Get the recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Pate de Fruit »

Christina Holmes

Wine-Poached Rhubarb and Poppy Seed Crisp

Rhubarb takes the spotlight in this bright, rose-colored crisp, sweetened with strawberries and topped with a crunchy poppy seed crumble topping, from Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga of Brooklyn's Ovenly. Get the recipe for Wine-Poached Rhubarb and Poppy Seed Crisp »

Matt Taylor-Gross

Rhubarb cheesecake

Charring your rhubarb in the oven makes for a deep, almost smoky compote. Put it on everything. Get the recipe for Cheesecake with Charred Rhubarb Compote and Sliced Strawberries »

Matt Taylor-Gross

Strawberry Rhubarb Yogurt Pops

These refreshing frozen treats come from pastry chef Jen Yee at New York City's Lafayette. Get the recipe Strawberry Rhubarb Yogurt Pops »

Christina Holmes

Rhubarb Mousse

This sweet-tart creamy dessert can be eaten chilled or frozen in ramekins. Get the recipe for Rhubarb Mousse »

Todd Coleman

Rhubarb Granita recipe

Strawberries give color and sweetness to a simple and refreshing rhubarb granita. Get the recipe for Rhubarb Granita »

Todd Coleman

Spice Braised Rhubarb

Orange juice, honey, and spices reduce into an intense syrup while tenderizing the rhubarb in this fruit compote. Get the recipe for Spiced Braised Rhubarb »

Todd Coleman

Rhubarb Muffins with Almond Streusel

These muffins are hearty, nutty, and zesty—the perfect combination. Get the recipe for Rhubarb Muffins with Almond Streusel »

Maxime Iattoni

Rhubarb and Berry Compote

This tart-sweet compote with a hint of spice is wonderful spooned over vanilla ice cream. Get the recipe for Rhubarb and Berry Compote »

Mackenzie Smith

Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam

A summery rhubarb-strawberry pairing is as beautiful in a jam as it is in a pie. Get the recipe for Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam »

André Baranowski

Rhubarb Fizz

This bubbly cocktail makes the most of rhubarb season. Get the recipe for Rhubarb Fizz »

Helen Rosner

Rhubarb and Angelica Jam

Angelica, the herb used as a main flavoring component of Chartreuse, adds a distinct anise aroma and flavor to this sweet-and-tart rhubarb jam. Get the recipe for Rhubarb and Angelica Jam »

Christina Holmes

Rhubarb Compote

Cooking the rhubarb quickly is the secret to this compote from pastry chef Michael Laiskonis. By peeling the rhubarb before dicing and tossing it into a hot sugar syrup, he minimizes the cook time, preserving the rhubarb's bright flavor. Get the recipe for Rhubarb Compote »

Matt Taylor-Gross