Skip the Chocolate this Valentine's Day for Butterscotch

Buttery, salty, and sweet, butterscotch is everyone's real favorite flavor.

Butterscotch tart with cracked caramel
Shatter hearts with shattered caramelMatt Taylor-Gross

When Valentine's Day rolls around, chocolate desserts inevitably rear their bittersweet heads. But instead of another chocolate dessert, I challenge you to serve everyone's actual favorite flavor: butterscotch. Chocolate is done, but butterscotch doesn't get enough days in the sun.

Simply a mix of butter and lightly-molasses-y brown sugar, the butterscotch in this custard tart is further enriched with white chocolate, crème fraiche, and Lyle’s golden syrup, a British syrup with a golden hue and almost buttery flavor. And because smooth tarts need a little crunch to keep things exciting, I top this one with caramel, poured piping hot on the top of the tart, then cooled and cracked into shards, for a visually stunning bit of textural contrast.

This tart hits all our pleasure points—sugar, butter, salt—even better than chocolate, and isn’t that what you want this time of year?