Home-Style Alsatian Dishes

These 9 recipes from the region of Alsace, on the border of Germany and France, exemplify the rich, hearty dishes characteristic of the area’s unique cuisine.

Tarte Flambee (Alsatian Bacon and Onion Tart)

Heating a pizza stone for an hour before baking gives this savory tart a super crispy crust.

Sauerkraut with Pork and Sausages (Choucroute Garnie)

This hearty dish of wine-braised sauerkraut, cured pork, and sausages comes from Alsace, in northeastern France.

Bacheofe (Alsatian Meat and Vegetable Stew)

This wine-simmered dish of meat and vegetables cooked in a dough-sealed pot is Alsatian through and through.
Traditionally, choucroute au poisson was a dish made in Alsatian riverside villages, but today restaurants throughout Alsace serve a version in which filets of flaky, white-fleshed fish such as pike perch are pan-fried or poached and served on a bed of choucroute and topped with a creamy riesling sauce. We found that trout works beautifully, too. See the recipe for Sauerkraut with Fish in Cream Sauce »

Crayfish Soup

Crayfish were once so plentiful in Alsatian waters that soups like this one, served at L’Ecrevisse in Brumath, were common. See the recipe for Crayfish Soup »

Farmhouse Chicken in Vinegar Sauce

This simple but delicious dish is an Alsatian classic. See the recipe fo Farmhouse Chicken in Vinegar Sauce »

Grape Tart

Recipes like this one hearken back to the days when farmers stored grapes in their attics. See the recipe for Grape Tart »

Pike Perch Braised in Pinot Noir

Light fruity pinot noir is often paired with mild-tasting fish like this European pike perch, a member of the walleye family. See the recipe for Pike Perch Braised in Pinot Noir »

Venison Stew

This Alsatian dish is a rich game stew, traditionally thickened with the blood of the animal. Our recipe uses flour for a lighter interpretation. See the recipe for Venison Stew »