Gin and Tonic Recipes

The classic gin and tonic is experiencing a renaissance

A world of new gin styles and a rising interest in artisan and homemade tonic waters and syrups mean the classic gin and tonic is undergoing a sort of renaissance. This former staple of a drink—light, basic, satisfying—has blossomed into something complex, celebratory, and sometimes even loud. We've rounded up our favorite gin and tonic variations.

The classic gin and tonic is beautiful on its own, but a little color doesn't hurt. Our ultimate gin and tonic is dressed up with citrus wheels, juniper berries, lemon verbena leaf, and edible flowers.

One of the most interesting ways to spice up a gin and tonic is to make your own tonic. The Conquistador is a Spanish-inspired drink with a tonic flavored with lemon and grapefruit juice, fennel seeds, cinchona bark powder (for tonic’s trademark quinine bitterness), and star anise. For the Queen Victoria, the tonic is flavored with raspberry-flavored orris root and peppery, flowery grains of paradise. Making your own tonic takes a little work, but it’s fairly easy and extremely rewarding.

If you don't want to make your own tonic, there are plenty of other ways to modify G&T. The Pretty Tony is a standard gin and tonic with the addition of ten drops of Angostura bitters, which add a delicious spice. If you'd prefer something fruitier try the Plymouth gin tonic, made with fresh strawberries and just a pinch of black pepper.

You're sure to find a G&T variation to your liking in our collection of gin and tonic recipes.

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