20 Gluten-Free Summer Mains

Avoiding gluten has never been easier

Awareness of the gluten-free diet has risen significantly lately. Avoiding gluten can be difficult, but with our recipes it doesn't have to be. Plenty of our favorite summer dishes are naturally gluten-free, and we've specifically developed others to accommodate those with gluten intolerance. We've rounded up recipes for some of our favorite gluten-free summer mains.

Summer means grilling, which means lots of protein dishes. We have all sorts of naturally gluten-free grilled meat dishes, such as adobo chicken under a brick, Kansas City-style spareribs, and ginger-marinated flank steak. We also have grilled seafood dishes like snapper with habanero and scallions, lobster with cilantro-chile butter, and swordfish with a mango salsa.

Vegetarians aren’t out of luck. The summery flavors of peas and mint brighten up our potato gnocchi coated in a lemon and herb cream sauce. Frittatas are a great easy summer main—try ours with potato, spinach, and red pepper. Our chickpea burgers are light and rich at the same time and make a satisfying lunch—just skip the pita to keep it gluten-free.

Pizza is a dish normally off-limits for people with gluten intolerance. But fortunately it's possible to find gluten-free pizza flour and make a (semi-)classic margherita pie. Crab cakes often use fillers container gluten. Ours are made with almond flour, which actually makes them even moister and more tender than traditional crab cakes.

Find all of these recipes and more in our collection of gluten-free summer mains.

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