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The Best Moscow Mule Mugs Keep Your Cocktails Ice Cold

An iconic drink deserves an iconic vessel.

By Leah Scalzadonna

Updated on July 27, 2022

You can’t order a Moscow mule without having it served in a signature copper mug — and there’s a reason for that. Copper drinkware is known for taking on the temperature of the cocktail, ensuring that it stays cold and refreshing. Additionally, some say that the copper can improve the flavor of the mule and maintain the fizziness of the ginger beer. However, it’s worth noting that copper will always require upkeep—and that some question the health consequences of drinking out of copper. 

You’ll notice that many mugs on this list are made from pure copper, while others are made from stainless steel or a combination of the two. It’s hotly debated whether mugs should be pure copper or not. Copper enthusiasts will swear that a lining of stainless steel, nickel, or tin will ruin the taste of the beverage. Others will caution against drinking from pure copper for fear of copper toxicity. While it ultimately comes down to personal preference, it’s indisputable that the Moscow mule must be served in a mug fit for the iconic drink, regardless of the material you choose. 

We’ve curated our favorite Moscow mule mugs for you to display on your home bars or drink carts. From handcrafted classics to sleek styles, these are the best vessels for your favorite ginger drink.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Color: Copper | Material: Pure copper | Capacity: 16.9 fluid ounces | Lined: No


  • Customizable finish
  • Option for engraving
  • Great for gifting


  • Set of two
  • Pricey
  • Requires care

Why we chose it: Pure copper mugs with a rich history. 

Legend has it that the Moscow mule was developed by chance in 1941 when Sophie Berezinski, a Russian immigrant, entered Hollywood’s Cock n’ Bull pub to sell her family’s copper mugs. There, she met John Martin, who had just purchased the Smirnoff distillery and was trying to popularize vodka in America, and Jack Morgan, the bar’s owner who had his own brand of ginger beer. Together, the three combined their products to make the beloved cocktail. Now, Sophie’s great grandson, JJ Resnick, is continuing his family’s legacy with Moscow Copper Co., a company that sells pure copper, unlined mugs. In addition to its rich history, these mugs can be engraved with a custom message, and buyers have the option to choose between a smooth or hammered finish. Though they are pricey, these mugs are made to last and ideal for gifting.

Best Value

Color: Copper | Material: Pure copper with a food-grade lacquer  | Capacity: 16 fluid ounces Lined: Yes


  • Set of four
  • Includes coasters, straws, and shot glass
  • Affordable


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Will tarnish over time
  • Requires care

Why we chose it: Handcrafted copper mugs with plenty of extras at an affordable price. 

Affordable, attractive, and handcrafted with pure copper, these mugs have it all. Plus, this set of four includes four wooden coasters, four copper straws, and a shot glass. Each 16-ounce mug can hold a double Moscow mule, if you so prefer, and they’re finished with a food-grade, tarnish-resistant coating to protect the copper. However, they will naturally tarnish over time, and do require care to ensure that the mugs maintain their shine. Hand wash each mug after using, and thoroughly dry before storing. If needed, you can easily buff them up with a bit of copper polish.

Best Luxury

Color: Copper | Material: Pure copper | Capacity: 18 fluid ounces Lined: No


  • Made from recycled sources
  • Can purchase several at a time
  • Unique shape


  • Expensive
  • Not sold as a set
  • Doesn’t include extras

Why we chose it: With exceptional quality and design, these handcrafted mugs are built to last. 

Handcrafted by artisans in Texas and Mexico, these standout mugs are welded and hammered from recycled, high-quality copper. Though pricey, the durability and quality of the drinkware is truly hard to beat. Unlike the traditional “barrel” shape, Sertodo’s mugs have more of a modern, Southwestern style. Additionally, each mug is quite large, holding 18 fluid ounces. Like all copper, these will require upkeep and handwashing — but it’s worth it for impressive mugs that are built to last.

Best Sleek

Color: Copper | Material: Copper-plated stainless steel | Capacity: 16 fluid ounces Lined: Yes


  • Set of four
  • Modern look
  • Sturdy


  • More expensive than other options
  • Doesn’t include extras
  • Requires upkeep

Why we chose it: Modern, sleek, and sturdy, these charming mugs are a top-notch choice.

Prefer a smooth, sleek look? These are the Moscow mule mugs for you. With a copper-plated exterior and stainless steel interior, this Sur La Table set is designed to keep your drinks cool for hours. At about $80 for four mugs (with no included straws, coasters, or shot glasses), they are more expensive than other options on this list, but they’re durable and full of charm.

Best Non-Traditional: DUNCHATY Moscow Mule Mugs

Best Non-Traditional

Color: Black | Material: Stainless Steel  | Capacity: 16 fluid ounces Lined: Yes


  • Unique color
  • Set of four
  • Includes coasters, straws, straw brush, and shot glass


  • Not made from copper
  • Color may not be for everyone
  • Not dishwasher safe

Why we chose it: A striking set of four with plenty of extras.

Though it won’t be favored by copper mug traditionalists, this sleek stainless steel drinkware makes a striking addition to any table. The mugs are coated with food-grade lacquer to keep their shine, and include black straws, coasters, a straw cleaner, and a shot glass. Even though they’re not copper, these mugs do still need to be cleaned by hand, and may require a polish from time to time.

Best Design

Color: Copper | Material: Coated copper  | Capacity: 16 fluid ounces Lined: Yes


  • Embossed
  • Affordable
  • Includes copper straws


  • Set of two
  • Requires extra care
  • Thin

Why we chose it: Floral embossed mugs that are great for gifting. 

Add whimsical flare to your bar cart with these printed mugs. Embossed with flowers and filigree, the Kamojo copper is sure to impress. However, the embossing requires that the copper isn’t too thick, so they do feel a bit flimsy compared to other options. Plus, thin copper requires extra care to avoid denting, so be mindful when using or hand washing these beautiful mugs. Sold in a set of two, they make a great gift for the Moscow mule-loving couple in your life. 

How We Chose These Products

To select the best Moscow Mule mugs, we scoured popular retail sites, searching for mugs that were well-reviewed, made of quality materials, and offered unique styles in a range of price points. Additionally, we cross-referenced the user reviews on other websites to ensure they were accurate, and compared with what other sources recommended. Additionally, we consulted with experts to see what they consider when purchasing a Moscow Mule mug.

Features to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Moscow Mule Mugs


As mentioned above, Moscow mule mugs are traditionally made of copper, but can be lined with other materials like stainless steel, tin, or nickel. According to Tiffanie Barriere, known as The Drinking Coach, the lining does matter. She recommends a mug with a stainless steel lining, but says any other material will negatively affect the taste.

Strong Handle

The appeal of copper mugs are that they keep the drink ice cold—which means the mug itself will be, too. Though mugs without handles are available, we don’t recommend them because they’re cold to the touch and uncomfortable to hold. Look for a mug with a sturdy handle that’s large enough to comfortably grip. 

Thickness and Size

Copper can dent, so it must be treated with care and safely stored. The thicker the mug, the sturdier it is. However, more intricately designed mugs will be thinner in order to emboss the material. While you can still drink from them, be extra careful when cleaning and storing them. Additionally, the size of the mug comes down to personal preference. Barriere says, “The bigger the better. The roundness, like a barrel, is really cool because it gives the lime and ginger beer some space to effervesce.”

Ask the Experts

Q: How do I clean a copper mug?

All copper will tarnish over time, but the mugs should be treated with care to ensure they last as long as possible. Barrier recommends hand washing the mug as soon as possible, then polishing it with a lint-free cloth for shine. Additionally, she does not recommend using the mugs for hot beverages. “I want them to look pretty and shiny,” she says. “No dishwashers, no coffee, and no soups.”

Q: What is the best size for a Moscow Mule mug?

A Moscow mule mug should be a minimum of 16 ounces to ensure that the beer, vodka, and ice have enough room. However, there’s no harm in purchasing a larger size. You can always pour a double mule, or try a variation on the classic drink. Barriere says, “Have fun with it. Play around with the ginger beer and different spirits—the mule is about spice and flavor.”

Q: Should Moscow mule mugs be lined or unlined?

The answer comes down to personal preference. While some sources recommend drinking from a lined mug for safety purposes, there are those who prefer unlined copper. Barriere recommends a mug lined with stainless steel, but says that anything else will impact the taste.

Q: What should I look for in a Moscow Mule mug?

Look for a copper or stainless steel mug that’s at least 16 ounces. Most importantly, make sure it has a good handle. “A handle is a must,” Barriere says. “A large, hooked handle is nice so your hands don’t get all frosty.”

Our Take

A Moscow mule mug should be reasonably large, stylish, and have a sturdy handle. They will all require upkeep, but it’s worth it for any cocktail lover who is also a stickler for detail. Overall, we recommend the Moscow Copper Co. Original Moscow Mule Mugs for their rich history, rave reviews, and options for customization. 

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