Spinach-Filled Anatolian Flatbreads (Inspanakli Gözleme)

turkish gozleme

Inspanakli Gozleme (Spinach-Filled Anatolian Flatbreads)

Turkish GozlemeKat Craddock

This recipe, adapted from Ghillie Basan's Classic Turkish Cooking, is exemplary of the dozens of regional variations of Anatolia's ubiquitous stuffed flatbread. Gözleme, from the Turkish gözleri, or "eyes," are named for the dark brown spots that appear when cooked over a wide, flat griddle. (You'll also find flatbreads like these cooked on a slightly concave pan called a saç, in which case the breads might be referred to as saç böregi.) If you can't track down kirmizi biber, a mild Turkish chile powder, you can substitute a blend of equal parts sweet paprika and cayenne. This recipe also uses a tangy Turkish sheep's milk cheese called kasar peyniri, but a hard pecorino is a find substitute.

What You Will Need