What to Cook This Weekend: Comfort Food for Saving Face

Have you ever sent an email you regretted immediately after? And for a brief second you wish you could crawl in a dark hole and disappear? Well maybe that hole would be filled with all of your favorite comfort foods to make you feel better. Like buffalo mac and cheese from Beecher’s Cheese or The Monk breakfast taco from Torchy’s. Or maybe that hole transports you to a small sleepy beach town in Mexico, like Sayulita, and there’s a full spread of Mexican savory goodies waiting for you all laid out on a table on the beach made by sweet Grandmas that know you’re a good guy and aren’t mad at you.

Back where I’m from—Texas—eating crow isn’t an expression. The first time I heard someone say “I ate crow” in the middle of telling an embarrassing story, I just nodded along. Where does that expression come from? Are we supposed to know instinctively that crow doesn’t taste good? After all, we eat squab, which in all honestly sounds a little more appetizing than pigeon. Fried chicken livers taste like bloody dirt until you reach a certain age and start to love them. So what’s so bad about crow? Maybe it’s time to embrace the embarrassing bird.

Mexican Braised Spare Ribs with Squash and Corn

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Squab and Braised Peas

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Fried Chicken Livers
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