Classy Cocktail Recipes

Impress your guests with these fancy cocktails

Here at SAVEUR, we love all sorts of cocktails. Sometimes we want simple, rustic, or comforting drinks. But other times we want to freshen up, dress to the nines, and mix up some drinks that will stun our guests. We've rounded up our favorite classy cocktail recipes that will impress at a casual get-together or an elegant gathering.

A fancy garnish can make a great cocktail even more celebratory. The Rose & Rye is a simple cocktail of rye, lemon, and a rose-tinged simple syrup—rose petals take it to the next level. The Red Carpet is even more luxurious—made with vodka, citrus juice, pear jam, and ginger, it gets topped with edible gold leaf.

What's fancier than champagne? We love using sparkling wine to make elegant, effervescent drinks. The French 75 is a classic made with champagne, cognac, and lemon juice. For a strikingly colored variation try the Sicilian 75, with Campari and blood orange juice.

The bellini is another classic sparkling wine cocktail. Our version doubles down on the fruit with both peach brandy and peach puree. Our autumn bellini subs out the brandy and peach for fig-infused vodka and a syrup made from mulled apple cider, while the Scandinavian bellini pairs peach puree with aquavit.

If you ask James Bond, he'll tell you that the classiest of cocktails is the martini. A basic martini can be made with equal parts gin and dry vermouth, but from that base there are many possible adaptations. We have versions featuring cucumber, ginger, sherry, and basil.

Find all these drinks and more in our collection of classy cocktail recipes.

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