New Orleans Saints: A Fan’s Menu

Rooting for the New Orleans Saints? We’ve got a menu of Cajun, Acadian, and Southern specialties that’ll keep you well-fed during the championship game.

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Oyster Po’boy

This New Orleans po’boy is piled high with fried oysters.
The Cajun pig parties known as boucheries are festive, often raucous, and generally casual–hence the popularity of side dishes that don’t require utensils, like these sweet potatoes. Use a crinkle-cut knife to give them a little flair, if you like. See the recipe for Fried Sweet Potatoes »
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The spicy sauce in this New Orleans recipe marinates for a full 2-7 days before the shrimp are cooked in it, allowing it to develop a delightful intensity. See the recipe for Shrimp Uggie »
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See the Recipe Landon Nordeman
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