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Greek Easter Bread (Tsouréki)

Greek Easter Bread
This braided bread, which is probably Byzantine in origin, is traditionally perfumed with the essence of makhlépi, the seeds of Mediterranean wild cherries. Check your local specialty stores for hard-to-find Greek ingredients. Get the Recipe for Greek Easter Bread (Tsouréki) »Farideh Sadeghin

Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmades)

Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmades) recipe
SAVEUR editorial assistant Maria Xerakia's family makes these traditional Greek stuffed grape leaves for Easter at their home in Brooklyn, New York. Metaxia Xerakia, Maria's mother, is to credit for these dolmades or dolmadakia, otherwise known as stuffed grape leaves. These leaves are filled with rice, onions, and scallions, and simmered with water and lemon juice. Get the Recipe for Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmades) »Anna Stockwell

Spanakopita (Spinach Pie)

Spanakopita recipe
This spanakopita is a savory Greek pie made with feta cheese, leeks, and dill. It fits in a 9" x 13" baking dish and is perfect for feeding a crowd. Get the Recipe for Spanakopita (Spinach Pie) »Anna Stockwell

Greek Easter Soup

Greek Easter Soup
This soup was probably invented as a way to use up the offal—heart, liver, lungs, and intestines—removed from the lamb or kid to be roasted for the Easter Sunday feast. We've adapted the classic recipe to use lamb shanks and shoulder, omitting the innards. Get the Recipe for Greek Easter Soup »Farideh Sadeghin
Peas Braised with Dill and Onions Recipe

Peas Braised with Dill and Onions

Dishes such as this one belong to the category of Greek cookery known as latherá, which, loosely translated, means "oil-based stews." The liberal use of olive oil produces a surprisingly light and sweet side dish. Get the recipe for Peas Braised with Dill and Onions »Melanie Acevedo
Roasted Lamb with Rosemary (Arni me Dendrolivano)

Roasted Lamb with Rosemary (Arni me Dendrolivano)

Roasting lamb over a bed of rosemary sprigs lends this Greek classic a smoky, herbal flavor. Get the recipe for Roasted Lamb with Rosemary (Arni me Dendrolivano) »Penny De Los Santos
Baklava Recipe


This Greek version of a favorite Middle Eastern sweet is always best made with commercial phyllo. Get the recipe for Baklava »Zubin Shroff

Orange Cake (Portokalopita)

Orange Cake (Portokalopita)
Chopped phyllo dough gives this orange-scented custard cake from Crete its layered texture. Get the recipe for Orange Cake (Portokalopita) » **Penny De Los Santos

More About This Menu

  1. As an aperitif, you can't beat ouzo, the anise-flavored liqueur that is a specialty of Greece. For more on its history, see our article Ouzo—As Fine as Silk.

  2. Phyllo is essential to many Greek dishes, such as baklava and spanakopita. There are a number of different store-bought varieties, each best for a specific preparation—we've created a guide to choosing the best.

  3. Greek wine is a must with dinner. David Rosengarten's article 7 Reasons to Love Greek Wines has plenty of fantastic varieties to recommend from the rich wine tradition of Greece, ranging from crisp whites to light, balanced reds.

  4. Many Greek-American families roast lamb the traditional way for Easter. Here are some tips on roasting an easter lamb, Greek-style.

  5. In Greek Tradition Reborn, Diane Kochilas describes the Easters of her childhood growing up in an American center of Greek immigrant culture.