Everybody Loves Authentic Italian

By Julie Wilson and Cynthia Psarakis

Published on May 14, 2007

Italian cuisine is, at heart, simple food. It lacks pretense and artifice, relying instead on naturally flavorful foods at the height of freshness. To do justice to authentic Italian dishes, you'll want to use the ripest vegetables, just-made pasta, and ingredients of the highest quality.

But there's more to the Italian love affair with food than simply eating—for Italians, meals are a time to socialize, to show affection for loved ones, to fully appreciate Mother Nature's gifts. From small country villages to bustling cities, from family-run trattorias to sprawling farmhouses to the cafes that dot urban piazzas, Italy is a place where dining is truly an art.

To help you create a celebration of food and family in your home, we've created a mouthwatering menu of Italian dishes particularly suited to dining outdoors—so, dust off the patio furniture, head to the market, and relish the flavors of Italy.

Al Fresco Family Gathering
• Stuffed Artichokes
• Gnocchi with Pesto
• Caesar Salad
• Red Snapper with Tomato Sauce, Olives, and Onions
• Tiramisu

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