Dal Dhokli (Indian Roti and Lentil Stew)

Dal Dhokli
Dal Dhokli (Indian Roti and Lentil Stew)Matt Taylor-Gross

Yamini Joshi of the League of Kitchens suggests this quick lentil stew as a way to use up leftover roti. The flatbread is sliced into noodle-like pieces, then simmered in the broth until tender. Freshly ground spices, spicy chiles, and tomatoes toasted in ghee make up a "tarka"—a savory finishing touch to spoon over the stew at the table.

When cooking for her own family, Joshi minces the fresh chiles finely. When she is catering or teaching one of her classes at the League of Kitchens, she leaves them in larger pieces for anyone who might prefer to pick the spicy bits out.