These Buttery Danish Pastries Are Ready for Breakfast in Under an Hour

Enter the world of Danish, erm, danishes with frøsnappers

Some fetching frøsnappersMatt Taylor-Gross

Shocker I know, but it turns out the Danes take their namesake danishes seriously. For starters, the vast universe of Danish pastries expands far beyond discs with craters of jam or cheese. There’s also a clear distinction between breakfast and afternoon breeds: savory pastries are meant for the morning while the sweet stuff is reserved for the afternoon (when they also prefer their coffee). That is, unless you’re talking about frøsnappers.

Coated with sesame and poppy seeds and filled with a light-handed layer of marzipan, these twists are faintly sweet enough to still be classified as breakfast-ready. The name translates two ways: frøs means frog, but also seeds, and snapper is, as it sounds, one who snaps, or bites, like a crocodile. We devoured them quite the same after making an easy batch using simple store-bought pastry dough. And the best part: This version is ready in under an hour with thawed pastry dough, so you can them whenever frøsnapper fever strikes.