For the Garifuna people of coastal Honduras, coming together to cook the foods of their ancestors provides a sense of identity and continuity that transcends borders. Rich with coconut milk and seafood, these eight recipes were published in our November 2012 issue along with Betsy Andrew’s article,Cassava Nation.


Ariran Guisou

This spicy-sweet chicken stew gets a touch of tartness from fresh lime. See the recipe for Ariran Guisou (Chicken Stew) »


Darasa—banana tamales—are a traditional Garifuna snack.

Coconut Bread with Cassava Porridge »

The quintessential Garifuna breakfast consists of yeasty coconut bread and a warming porridge made with cassava flour.


Garifuna cooks make a starchy plantain mash akin to African fufu and serve it with this basil- and culantro-laced stew. See the recipe for Hudutu (Fish and Coconut Stew with Mashed Plantains) »

Seafood Soup (Iraü Lau Juyeirugu)

Fresh basil, oregano, and sage lend their fragrance to this hearty soup loaded with five different types of seafood. Get the recipe for Seafood Soup (Iraü Lau Juyeirugu) »

Rice and Beans with Coconut Milk (Resanbinsi)

Coconut milk is an essential ingredient in many Garifuna dishes, including this creamy take on rice and beans.

Fish, Green Banana, and Root Vegetable Soup (Tapou)

Tender root vegetables and fried fish make this garlicky stew a satisfying meal.