How to Prepare a Lobster Bake

1. Line a large galvanized washtub with beach stones, then pour about 2 quarts of salted water into tub.
2. Add a layer of seaweed.
3. Then add chicken and potato pieces.
4. Then add another layer of seaweed, then clams.
5. Repeat this process, layering seaweed between the corn.
6. Add another layer of seaweed between mussels, and lobsters, finishing with a layer of seaweed.
7. Place the whole potato in the center, then mound a final, thick seaweed layer over it.
8. Put the washtub on a grate over a beach fire or on a hot barbecue grill. Cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour. When the potato on top is soft, the lobster bake is done.
9. Remove ingredients, discarding whole potato and seaweed, and serve separately. Strain the aromatic pink broth left over in the tub through a sieve and serve in individual mugs, if you like.

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