Vegetarian Indian Recipes

With rich, fragrant spices and hearty combinations of vegetables, beans, and rice, these Indian recipes make satisfying vegetarian mains, snacks, and side dishes.

Indian-Style Carrots With Mustard Seeds
Carrot Kari (Indian-Style Carrots With Mustard Seeds)

Carrots are stewed long enough to concentrate their sweetness, while mustard seeds, curry leaves, and chiles provide warm and earthy notes.

Curried Cauliflower with Tomatoes
Curried Cauliflower with Tomatoes

Frying whole spices to release their flavor–a technique known in India as baghar–is crucial to making this dish, as well as most other Gujarati specialties.

Indian Spiced Potato Pastries
Aloo Samose (Indian Spiced Potato Pastries)

Golden, flaky fried pastries filled with spiced peas and potatoes are terrific on their own or paired with sweet and tart tamarind chutney.


The spices in this thick, peppery, Anglo-Indian soup are tamed with cooked red lentils and coconut milk.

Saag Paneer
Saag Paneer (Spinach with Fresh Indian Cheese)

Meltingly soft spinach strewn with chunks of fresh cheese is delicious scooped up with hot flatbread or served over rice. Get the recipe for Saag Paneer (Spinach with Fresh Indian Cheese) »

Curried Brussels Sprouts
Curried Brussels Sprouts

Inspired by classic South Indian curry dishes, Brussels sprouts are seasoned with garam masala and sweet onion.

Potato Fritter Sandwich
Vada Pav (Potato Fritter Sandwich)

A staple of Mumbai street stalls, these aromatic fried potato-fritter sandwiches are slathered with coriander and tamarind chutneys and served on a buttered, toasted roll.

Gujarati Sweet and Sour Lentils »

Spiced Black-Eyed Peas with Curry Leaves
Spiced Black-Eyed Peas with Curry Leaves

In this earthy legume stew, chickpea flour is used to thicken and add a nutty undertone.

Okra in Yogurt
Okra in Yogurt

The creaminess of chickpea flour and yoghurt mixed together contrasts with the crisp-tender okra, for a dish that is tangy, spicy and mildly sweet.

Kashmiri Collard Greens
Haak (Kashmiri Collard Greens)

Kashmiri-style collard greens are strongly spiced and mildly sweetened.

Spiced Chickpea-Flour Snacks

The batter for this snack has to be of the right consistency–not too wet, not too dry–when you spread it out for rolling, so test a spoonful of it on a plate first.

Gujarati Cabbage

Simple shredded cabbage is transformed into a fragrant side dish with the addition of cilantro, lime, and an array of spices including turmeric and cumin.

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