Recipes from the May 2012 article Pleasure Island by David McAninch

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Fasgioli Incu Funghi (White Bean with Dried Mushrooms)

This simple bean stew is typical of Corsica’s flavorful, unpretentious fare. See the recipe for Fasgioli Incu Funghi (White Bean with Dried Mushrooms) » Back to Pleasure Island »

Corsican-Style Cheesecake (Fiadone)

Typically made with brocciu, a fresh goat’s or ewe’s milk cheese, this rustic cake works just as well with ricotta. Get the recipe for Corsican-Style Cheesecake (Fiadone) »
Fresh mint gives this cheese omelet a floral flavor. Serve it with grilled bread and a green salad for a light meal.

Corsican Lemon Mousse

This rich, silky mousse brightened with tangy lemons makes an elegant end to a meal.

Pasta Incu Bietulle (Swiss Chard Cannelloni)

Fresh pasta, whether homemade or bought, is ideal for these hearty cannelloni, baked in zesty tomato sauce. See the recipe for Pasta Incu Bietulle (Swiss Chard Cannelloni) »

Swiss Chard and Cheese Dumplings (Strozzapreti)

In Corsica, these herb-packed cheese dumplings showcase the wild greens of the island and make a great starter course to a summer meal.

Torta Pisticcina (Chestnut Flour Tart)

The star of this almond-studded tart is the flour from Corsica’s prized crop, chestnuts. See the recipe for Torta Pisticcina (Chestnut Flour Tart) »