Sashimi with Chef Morimoto

Using a single, smooth, backwards motion, Chef Morimoto slices 1/4"-pieces of tuna loin for his tuna rose.André Baranowski
Chef Morimoto slices and lays out the tuna sashimi in an overlapping arch.André Baranowski
The slices of tuna layed out in preparation for rolling a tuna rose.André Baranowski
Chef Morimoto rolls the tuna slices starting from the left towards the right to make the tuna rose.André Baranowski
Chef Morimoto trims the pointed edges on one side of the tuna rose to create a smooth surface.André Baranowski
Chef Morimoto's finished tuna rose.André Baranowski
Chef Morimoto demonstrates proper slicing technique by beginning each cut with the heel of the knife blade.André Baranowski
Chef Morimoto slices thick rectangles of tuna loin for sashimi.André Baranowski
Chef Morimoto stacks the sashimi slices together.André Baranowski
Chef Morimoto demonstrates the yanagi's ability to slice vertically in a single downward motion, starting at the heel of the blade.André Baranowski
Chef Morimoto's finished sashimi plate: his tuna rose, sashimi slices, and garnish of cucumber-fish scales.André Baranowski