5 Amaro Cocktails

Concocted from a witch's brew of ingredients, amari—viscous, bracing Italian herbal liqueurs—add body and intriguing bitterness to cocktails. Here, 5 drink recipes that make the most of their layered, powerful flavor. Read Camper English's ode to amari from the 2014 SAVEUR 100 issue »

Black Betty

Black betty
Inspired by the classics—the Manhattan, the Sazerac—Max Greco created this drink featuring bittersweet, nutty Braulio amaro at Vasco in Sydney, Australia.Helen Rosner

Cynar Julep

Cynar Julep
Cynar's vegetal bitterness, derived primarily from artichokes, pairs nicely with mint and grapefruit soda in this refreshing julep variation.Helen Rosner


Amaro Montenegro carries flavors of bright orange and cedar that make it a natural for mixing into citrusy cocktails like this one with Aperol and fresh orange juice, from Jackson Cannon of Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston.Helen Rosner

Dell'Erborista Spritz

Dell Erborista Spritz
Amaro made with a grassy mountain honey adds depth to prosecco in this refined brunch drink.Helen Rosner

Café Corretto

Cafe Coretto
Patrick Poelvoorde offers an eye-opening coffee cocktail featuring Fernet-Branca—an amaro with a hearty alcohol kick that can stand up to other strong flavors like espresso and dark chocolate—at San Francisco's Park Tavern.Helen Rosner