5 Amaro Cocktails

Concocted from a witch’s brew of ingredients, amari—viscous, bracing Italian herbal liqueurs—add body and intriguing bitterness to cocktails. Here, 5 drink recipes that make the most of their layered, powerful flavor. Read Camper English’s ode to amari from the 2014 SAVEUR 100 issue »

Black Betty

Inspired by the classics—the Manhattan, the Sazerac—Max Greco created this drink featuring bittersweet, nutty Braulio amaro at Vasco in Sydney, Australia.

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Cynar Julep

Cynar’s vegetal bitterness, derived primarily from artichokes, pairs nicely with mint and grapefruit soda in this refreshing julep variation.

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Amaro Montenegro carries flavors of bright orange and cedar that make it a natural for mixing into citrusy cocktails like this one with Aperol and fresh orange juice, from Jackson Cannon of Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston. See the recipe for Adriatique »

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Dell’Erborista Spritz

Amaro made with a grassy mountain honey adds depth to prosecco in this refined brunch drink.

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Café Corretto

Patrick Poelvoorde offers an eye-opening coffee cocktail featuring Fernet-Branca—an amaro with a hearty alcohol kick that can stand up to other strong flavors like espresso and dark chocolate—at San Francisco’s Park Tavern.

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