Get the recipe for Sour Cherry and Pistachio Danish »
These French pastries are the real deal: crunchy and caramelized to a deep mahogany brown on the outside, moist and custardy within, and deeply perfumed with dark rum and vanilla bean. Get the recipe for Canelés de Bordeaux

Step Up Your Chocolate Cake Game With This Baked Alaska Recipe

Layers of ice cream are enrobed in fluffy meringue in a classic baked Alaska.


Pastry chef Christine Ferber’s not-too-sweet kugelhopf, an Alsatian cake baked in a distinctive ring mold, has just a few choice raisins per slice. Enjoy with a sweet Alsatian wine, like gewürztraminer or muscat.

Strawberry Lemon Cake

At New York’s Milk Bar, Christina Tosi makes this towering cake every spring, when sweet and tiny tristar strawberries are in season. This is by no means an everyday cake, but it’s worth the work that you’ll put in, and worthy of a special occasion. Get the recipe for Strawberry Lemon Cake »

Pineapple Tea Cookies

These sandwich cookies, adapted from chef Frederico Ribeiro of New York’s Te Company, are an homage to the classic Taiwanese pineapple cake. Here a super-buttery vanilla bean shortbread gets a nutty dose of hazelnut flour, and sweet pineapple-rosemary jam gets balanced by the spicy, fermented, and grassy flavor of Japanese yuzu kosho paste. Get the recipe for Pineapple Tea Cookies »

Classic Eclairs

Classic Eclairs

New Orleans Doberge Cake

New Orleans Doberge Cake
Looking for the best bûche de noël recipe? We’ve got an easy recipe for this French Christmas dessert that never fails to inspire joy during the holidays. Get the recipe for Bûche de Noël (Yule Log) Recipe
Literally named “crunch in the mouth,” croquembouche is an edible monument of caramelized pastry.

Pain au Chocolat

Beautiful homemade croissants, each containing a bar of high-quality dark chocolate, make for an impressive and indulgent addition to a breakfast spread.

Mocha Dacquoise Cake

Mocha Dacquoise Cake