8 Recipes for a Georgia Christmas

For Christmas Day, the regional larder in Georgia guides Canadian-born chef and Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson’s menu. Field pea gratin, carrots vichy, and petite roasted Hakurei turnips join a fresh ham roast for a gorgeous, celebratory meal.

Orange, Candied Onion, and Mint Mignonette

This fragrant sauce is a bright accent to briny oysters, but it’s also delicious with clams, steamed crab legs, and shrimp.

Sautéed Brussels Sprout Leaves

A touch of sherry vinegar adds brightness and tempers the bitterness of Brussels sprouts.

Maple-and-Mustard-Glazed Ham

Brining the fresh ham prior to roasting keeps the meat moist and succulent in this roast. The glaze can be made up to a week in advance. Get the recipe for Maple-and-Mustard-Glazed Ham »

Roasted Turnips with Buttered Greens

Any root vegetable with greens, such as beets or radishes, can be used in this buttery, caraway-spiced dish. Acheson favors delicate Hakurei turnips. See the recipe for Roasted Turnips with Buttered Greens »

Carrots Vichy

In Acheson’s update on the French classic, he replaces sugar with maple syrup, subs in fresh herbs for dried ones, and adds chile for some heat. He also likes to stir the chopped carrot tops in at the end of cooking for added flavor.

Leek Bread Pudding

The chewy sourdough bread cubes in this savory dish soak up custard for a creamy interior and toast to a golden brown for a crunchy topping, perfect for a slow morning. Get the recipe for Leek Bread Pudding »

Hugh Acheson’s Eggnog

In this Southern spin on the boozy Yuletide favorite, a mix of bourbon and rum takes the place of brandy. It can be made up to 4 hours before serving.
Southern cooks freeze field peas in the summer to use in the colder months. But butter beans or Sea Island red peas, an heirloom variety from South Carolina, make great substitutes in this casserole.