Spiced Cocktail Recipes

Warm up with these rich spiced cocktails

As the weather turns colder, we're looking forward to mixing cocktails infused with rich, warming spices and nutty flavors. Spiced rum, woodsy bitters, and intense amari can all give drinks a wonderfully warming bite. From a cinnamon-spiced rum punch to carrot cake in a glass, we've rounded up our favorite spiced cocktail recipes.

Cinnamon is a great choice for warming up a cocktail. The Pearman's Toddy takes gin, sweetens it with a cinnamon syrup, and then brightens it up a little with lemon juice. The Canadian starts with spiced rum—already rich with cloves, allspice, and vanilla—ands adds apple cider, maple syrup, and ground cinnamon. Su jung kwa is a Korean tea made from cinnamon, ginger, spices, sweet dried dates, and pine nuts. Spiked with rye whiskey, it makes for a complex cocktail.

Braulio amaro is an Italian digestif flavored with botanicals like star anise and bitter orange. It gives a pleasant bitterness and a little spice to whatever you use it in. For the American, Braulio and vermouth are combined and topped with club soda to make a drink both bracing and refreshing. Our Amber Negroni pairs Braulio with gin, rosemary, and Lillet Blanc, another amaro. The Black Betty takes the intensity to the next level, mixing spicy rye with Braulio, Cynar, and Herbsaint.

Find all of these drinks and more in our collection of spiced cocktail recipes.

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