14 Ways to Cook With Salt Cod

Don't judge this magical cured fish until you've tasted it

Using salt to preserve meat and fish is one of our oldest culinary tricks. And when it comes to salt-preserved cod, you have an ingredient that brings bold, briny flavor to everything it touches. Here are 14 ways the world cooks with this magical fish, from croquettes to stews to pasta.

Brazilian Shrimp Stew (Vapatá)

Brazilian Shrimp Stew (Vatapá)

Bacalaítos Fritos con Bacalao Guisado (Salt Cod Fritters)

Salt cod does double duty in this fritter topped with piquant cod salsa.

Pan-Fried Salt Cod Chips (Fritas de Bacalhau)

A thin batter of salt cod, garlic, and onions is shallow-fried to make fine, crisp chips.

Salt Cod, Chickpea, and Egg Salad (Salada de Bacalhau a Grão-de-Bico)

Alentejo’s traditional salt cod, chickpeas, and hard-boiled eggs are combined into an elegant petisco, the Portuguese version of tapas. Get the recipe for Salt Cod, Chickpea, and Egg Salad »

Brazilian Salt Cod Stew

Salt cod is a staple in South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. This recipe comes from Neide Rigo, a Brazilian food blogger.

Grilled Polenta with Dried Cod Mousse (Baccalà Mantecato)

This creamy codfish mousse is delicious served with char-grilled squares of polenta.

Ackee and Saltfish

Ackee, Jamaica’s national fruit, is the highlight of this hearty sauté.

Boulettes de Morue (Salt Cod Fritters)

Salt cod fritters, a specialty of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, gain herbaceous dimension from potatoes cooked in a wine-laced court bouillon.

Salt Cod with Garlic Cream (Bacalla Confitat amb Salsa d’All i Rossinyols)

In this dish, Santamaria’s delicate garlic cream suggests a refined version of allioli, the basic Catalan emulsion of garlic and olive oil.

Vizcaya-Style Salt Cod

Appearing on Christmas menus throughout Mexico, this version of salt cod with almonds and olives comes from the nation’s capital and is based on one from the Spanish province of Vizcaya.

Stamp and Go

These road snacks are possibly named for the way travelers would stamp their feet at food stands to hail vendors. This recipe, adapted from one given to us by Jamaican food columnist Jacqui Sinclair, pairs the fritters with a sauce made with culantro, an herb with a cilantro-like flavor.

Acadian Salt Cod Cakes

Salt cod is mashed with fluffy potatoes to make these bite-size pan-fried cakes from Prince Edward Island. Get the recipe for Acadian Salt Cod Cakes »

Squid-Ink Pasta with Salt Cod Confit

The squid-ink pasta in this striking dish from Manhattan’s Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria can be substituted by regular fresh spaghetti.

Salt Cod in Garlic Sauce

The natural gelatin in cod skin works as an emulsifier for this creamy, rich garlic sauce. Get the recipe for Salt Cod in Garlic Sauce »