Ovenly Scones
These rely on frozen fruit so you can make them even when blackberries aren't in season. Matt Taylor-Gross

They’ve showed us how to make their hand pies and their rhubarb crisp, and now Brooklyn’s Ovenly bakery teaches us how to make perfectly buttery, not-too-sweet scones. Enhanced with mint and citrus zest, they make perfect, portable breakfast treats—and because they rely on frozen fruit, you can make them even when blackberries aren’t in season.

To attain the desired flaky, light texture, Ovenly co-owner Agatha Kulaga gently cuts in the cubes of butter using a pastry blender. Once the flour and the butter come together to form pea-sized crumbles, she adds the liquid ingredients, followed by the blackberries, mint, and a little citrus zest. (Her tip: toss the berries in a bit of flour to keep them from staining the batter.) She then places the dough on a floured surface, folds and shapes it into a circle, and cuts the dough in eight triangular wedges. Before baking them, she freezes them for 10 minutes, which helps them hold their shape in the oven. Then she brushes them with cream and sprinkles them with a bit of coarse turbinado sugar. They’re fantastic served warm from the oven, or let them cool and wrap them tightly in plastic to keep them fresh for a day or two.

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